Mobicare Plus Powered Cushion System

SKU: PCC01281
Compliance: ISO 13485:2016

Provides extra support for the sacrum area with specially designed deep air cells – better immersion and pressure relief.

Designed to provide therapeutic function to prevent pressure ulcers when a patient is transferred to a chair.
The rechargeable battery backup keeps the system operating for up to 8 hours.

Key Features:
– Rechargeable battery of up to 8 hours
– Cycle time of 10 / 15 / 20 minutes
– Alternating and static mode that lock functions
– Visual and audible alarms including low battery and low pressure
– 2-way stretch, waterproof, washable and vapour permeable cover
– Carry bag that protects pump from damage and ingree of fluids

– Lightweight pump of 1kg
– Pump can be used with the wheelchair cushion or full length overlay (180cm x 50cm x 14cm)
– SWL: 113kg

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