ID Soft Tilt In Space Wheelchair – Transit

Compliance: AS/NZS 3695.1:2011

The ID Soft Tilt-In-Space wheelchair offers various adjustable components, providing maximum adaptability for added comfort.


The Tilt-in-Space ID Soft Wheelchair can be tilted and reclined into various positions to assist with pressure distribution, correct posture and maximum comfort.

Multi-adjustable wheelchair designed to adapt to most needs of the users
• The wheelchair can be tilted and reclined to help the user maintain correct posture, as well as assisting with even pressure distribution
• Offers maximum comfort for those spending longer periods of time in a
wheelchair, and who may also need assistance with their posture
• Height adjustable push handles to provide comfort for the attendant

  • Available in Transit or Self Propelled.
  • 18 or 20 inch widths.
  • Safe Working Load 135kg

12 Month Warranty on items that are Purchased New

3 Month Warranty on items that are Purchased Exhire