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October 4, 2017
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Shower Stools
October 4, 2017
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Shower Chair

Usage options: HIRE, BUY Ex-hire or BUY New.

Size options: Standard, Extra Wide, XXW.

One of the most important aids for anyone with limited mobility is the Shower Chair.

A Shower Chair will help you maintain your independence by enabling you to bathe yourself more easily by sitting down on the job.

A standard Shower Chair fits into most shower enclaves.

The fixed back of the chair gives you added support and balance. Our shower chairs are adjustable in height to fit most people.

The seat is also moulded for added comfort.

If you find bathing is getting more difficult because of balance or pain, try a comfortable and secure shower chair.

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As you know, showering is important, because it helps you stay clean and healthy. Unfortunately for many people, it can be difficult to use a shower because they’ve experiencing physical challenges or conditions where standing in the shower is either uncomfortable or dangerous.

The solution to this problem is shower chairs. A shower chair or stool is simply a sturdy device that can be placed in the shower alcove, allowing the user to sit comfortably while showering.


Modifications to your shower may be necessary

Obviously just a shower chair alone is not going to be enough to give you the same quality of showering that you may have enjoyed in the past, so there’s a good possibility you’ll need to make some other modifications to your shower space.

The most likely shower modification to be required is the addition of a long shower hose that is long enough to reach a seated person, and ideally long enough to reach all the way to their feet.

Another modification that may be necessary is to change the tap style to something that is more easy to turn on and off. Some traditional designs are very difficult to manipulate for those who suffer arthritis of the hands or who find their strength is not quite what it used to be.


Accessories to make showering easier

Additional accessories that could help make your shower experience better include:

  • Non-slip mats
  • Shower grab bars
  • Long-handled back washer
  • Toe washer cloth
  • Soap holder

All of these accessories, including the shower chair itself, are available from Homecare Equipment Services. These products are inexpensive and could literally make your life much easier.

Our service based in Adelaide, in South Australia’s premier provider of best of breed mobility aids, disability equipment hire and independent living aids, helping people with acquired challenges or congenital disabilities to live a better quality of life.


The basics of a shower chair

Modern shower chairs are normally made of rigid plastic. This is to make sure they are easy to clean. Some shower chairs have a plastic body with metal legs, which may be galvanized, painted, or coated in plastic or rubber. Most people either have sufficient balance and strength to avoid tipping the chair, or we suggest showering with a carer.

In other respects, a shower chair resembles any ordinary chair or stool. The difference between a shower chair and a shower stool is simply that the shower chair has a back, while the shower stool doesn’t. Shower stools are best suited for smaller shower alcoves. Both types will normally have “arm rests”, which can be used for that purpose but also serve as handles for helping you stay balanced while lowering and rising.


Should you choose a shower chair or shower stool?

Shower chairs are best for those who have difficulty maintaining their balance while seated. The backrest of the shower chair will help you sit upright more easily. The lone disadvantage of a shower chair in comparison to a shower stool is that you’ll need to lean forward in order to wash your back.

Shower stools are the right choice for people who are strong enough and confident enough in their ability to sit upright without additional support.

Because of the design of a shower stool, it is possible to get extra wide shower stools, which are suitable for bariatric care patients and others who would have difficulty using a regular shower stool or shower chair.

Shower stools are easier to carry and store, plus they make it a little easier to wash yourself, since they don’t have a backrest. Certainly, however, if you need a backrest, you should choose a shower chair to ensure you have adequate support to meet your needs.

How can I minimise the possibility of falling?

Shower grab bars and non-slip mats can provide added support in the bathroom.

Accidents in the home generally happen in wet areas like the bathroom or the kitchen. The most common cause of these accidents is slipping. Non-slip mats can help minimise the risk of slipping, and grab bars give you something to grab on to, so you can gain support when standing and moving around.


What is the alternative?

If you are a person who needs the assistance of a shower chair or shower stool, the only viable alternatives are to always shower with an attendant or carer present, or to bathe in a tub.

For those who would prefer to bathe in a tub, it may be helpful to install a non-slip mat, bath transfer board and a grab bar. Bathing in a bath tub is not recommended for people who lack upper body strength unless they are bathing under the supervision of a carer or attendant.

Grab handles will help you raise and lower yourself from the tub, but these features depend on you having sufficient strength to use them to attain a standing position. Non-slip mats, of course, will give you confidence and stability when you get out of the bath.


Where can I get more information?

To find out more about shower chairs, shower stools, and shower or bath accessories designed to help people with physical challenges, get in touch with us at Homecare Equipment Services today.

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