Overlay – Medical Bed

Compliance: AS/NZS IEC 60601.1:2015

A more comfortable bed for both you and your partner. To share the benefits of Shear Comfort in bed, a single, double or queen bed overlay can give you both the comfort of a sheep’s wool topped mattress.

  • Fabric-backed medical sheep’s wool, unique to Shear Comfort
  • Medical sheep’s wool unique to Shear Comfort, with a fibre density higher than even the very best natural sheepskins – which gives it superior pressure redistribution properties.
  • This is achieved by weaving natural wool to a fabric backing, and is not to be confused with artificial sheepskins created from synthetic ‘wool.’
  • We use natural wool, and treat it to ensure it can be repeatedly washed up to 80°C.
  • Plus, because it has no leather backing, it can be washed with normal household detergent.
  • All Shear Comfort products are machine washable, and guaranteed against deterioration for up to 50 washes.
  • Please note that you’ll need a large capacity washing machine to wash Double & Queen sized bed overlays.
  • Single Size: 92 x 187 cm
  • Double size: 187 x 137 cm
  • Queen size: 200 x 150 cm

12 Month Warranty on items that are Purchased New

3 Month Warranty on items that are Purchased Exhire