Toilet Seat Raiser

Of all the things you ever expected to be reading about, a Toilet Seat Raiser would probably be a long way from the top of the list, but if you’ve made it to this page then you or someone you care about has a need for one of these items.
Talking about anything to do with toilets is a delicate subject, and many people try to struggle by without benefiting from daily living aids because they feel embarrassed or have other concerns.
The expert staff at Homecare Equipment Services are professional and have many years of experience helping people with all kinds of challenges and impairments. We can advise you and help you to get exactly the products you need to help you live the best quality of life possible in your circumstances.
You need not be self-conscious about your need for any of the daily living aids available through our service, because our only interest is in helping you. We are a compassionate and caring team who have helped thousands of people with disabilities to live more independently and with greater comfort.
Toilet seat raisers are simple contraptions that make it easier for people with limited mobility to sit down on the toilet and get up again comfortably.

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