Palliative Care

Palliative care helps people live their life as comfortably as possible when dealing with a life limiting or life threatening illness.

Palliative care is based on the needs of the individual with support from a family-centred model of care to assist in their time of need.

Homecare Equipment can assist by providing equipment items to aid care at home.

A quick story from Bryan, our Manager:

An elderly client was in the palliative stage of his life, living in a 2-storey seafront home with magnificent views over the gulf. He wanted to be at home with his family and enjoy what time he had left. A hospital-bed was organised to make him comfortable. When we arrived to deliver the bed, the gentleman asked if we could take it upstairs so he could sleep in his own-room, take in the sea views and allow for the bed to be moved out to the balcony during the day. The upper level staircase was very narrow with two tight returns.

Our team assessed the situation and decided the only way the bed could be taken upstairs would involve a great deal of extra work, time and manpower. The decision was made on the spot to breakdown some of the bed framework, then have another two extra team members make a special trip to the residence that evening to assist; the bed was still too bulky/heavy for the staff on site to safely negotiate the staircase.

So, within a couple of hours from our arrival the bed was successfully put in place upstairs ready. The clients family were very grateful and appreciated the extra effort to find a solution for their relative in his last days.

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