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Procure Equipment for your Facility

Invest in Quality Equipment

Homecare Equipment offers the best of breed equipment.

We supply and manage equipment for many hospitals and organisations.

You have 3 choices:

  • HIRE – hire specialist equipment for certain patient or client needs, like bariatric, children or just standard equipment to deal with any overflow you may have.
  • BUY – buy equipment for your organisation or facility
  • MANAGE – We can manage your equipment assets on site (Emergency/Consignment Stores) or off site (Asset Management) to help you optimise floor space and resources. See Asset Management  and Equipment Stores sections below for more information.

Contact us on (08) 8338 7988 to organise a quote. Small and large orders are welcome.

We can deliver without fuss.

Direct Delivery

You don’t even need to come to our Showroom at Glandore. You can organise your equipment over the phone (08) 8338 7988 or via email. Just consult with our friendly team and we will make this happen for you.

You may choose to collect your equipment or ask us to have it delivered direct to your home, without fuss.

We offer 3 delivery options for the metropolitan area:

  • URGENT – delivery within 3 hours
  • SAME DAY – delivery on the day you ordered it, if ordered before 12.00 noon
  • NEXT DAY – delivery on the next business day

For regional or interstate areas we organise delivery via a freight service that this very efficient so you won’t have to wait too long.

Asset Management for Equipment Fleets

We can provide asset management services to Hospitals, Community organisations, Nursing Homes, Retirement Villages or Non-For Profit Service Providers.

Asset management means that we take care of your in-house mobility and rehab equipment.

Here’s 4 ways we can help:

  • we can store your equipment and manage it on your behalf;
  • we can deliver and install your equipment to your clients;
  • we can maintain your equipment when it is returned; and
  • we can manage your equipment on site.

Homecare Equipment can offer an efficient, accurate Equipment Management System which is flexible and scalable to suit your needs.

We can also offer the following services:

  • Equipment Inspection and Audit Reporting;
  • Equipment Replacement, Provision and Supply;
  • Maintenance and Repairs;
  • On-going Inventory Management;
  • Use of Homecare’s additional inventory, if required; and
  • Storage, Delivery and Collection.

Using Homecare Equipment as a your Equipment Partner will deliver accuracy and efficiency to your end users in need of mobility and rehabilitation equipment.

Homecare Equipment can report on:

  • the extent of your equipment inventory;

  • the location of each item at any given time;

  • the availability of items by type and group;

  • the usage and maintenance history of each item; and

  • the quantities and value of each item, by type, category and total inventory.

We welcome an opportunity to talk to you to discuss the details of our equipment services and understand your intentions and preferences.

Equipment Stores for Busy organisations

For your efficiency in deploying equipment for discharging patients or residents, we can set up an on site Emergency/Consignment equipment store.

You can deploy equipment to a Patient instantly and complete an order form as usual documenting who has received the equipment.

Our team will regularly replenish the Equipment Store to keep it topped up and readily available.

Contact us on (08) 8338 7988 to discuss your needs.

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