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Living independently at home

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October 12, 2017
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October 12, 2017
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Today we chronicle a Day in the Life of “Aunt Betty”, a typical Homecare Equipment client who will demonstrate how independent living equipment can help keep you or your loved one living at home longer.

Keep reading to discover how daily living devices can be used throughout every room in the house:

Waking Up
Aunt Betty has had a comfortable night sleep in her bed.  Bed Blocks are helping to allow the height of her bed to be more accessible and easier to get out of.
She also uses a Bed Stick to help keep her balance as she stands up from her bed. Bed sticks have a vertical handle that allows part of it to fit between the mattresses for stability.  Aunt Betty visits the bath room to wash her face and use the toilet.  Standard toilets are set quite low, so Betty uses a Toilet Seat Raiser to avoid the difficulty of bending deeply and struggling to stand up again.  She also keeps a Folding Toilet Seat Raiser behind the door for when she travels to visit her sister in Sydney or goes away with her family to Victor Harbor.  Betty steps outside to check the weather and grab the newspaper, which she picks up off the front lawn with the help of a Reacher (Pick-up stick) which is kept by the door for convenience.
Before eating breakfast or taking her medication, Betty checks her blood pressure with a reliable, hospital-grade Blood Pressure Monitor.  While waiting for her egg whites to cook, Betty sits on a Kitchen Stool that is the perfect height for brief resting periods.  Today, Aunt Betty decides to eat on the screened-in porch, so she places her breakfast, newspaper, cup of tea and watering can on the two shelves of a Traymobile and pushes it next to her favourite chair to eat and read the paper.  When finished, Betty is up again from her chair which has been elevated by a Chair Platform to give her extra height and reduce bending – to water her terrace garden.
Once breakfast is over, Betty does her stretching exercise and feels ready to take a shower. The shower floor has a Non-slip mat.  In addition, her Equipment Specialist from Homecare Equipment suggested Susan put up suction Grab Bars for security in the shower, and she also has a Shower Chair for when she feels the need to sit down. Thanks to additional devices such as her Toe washer and a Back washer,  Betty feels completely secure about taking a shower by herself.  Putting on clothes is not difficult, but some days Betty uses a Stocking or Sock Applicator as well as a Long Handle Shoe Horn to help put her shoes on.
Betty has a doctor’s appointment today, and her daughter has arrived to take her.  Although Betty occasionally uses a Walking Stick to get around her home, she typically relies on a sturdy 4-wheel walker with a cushioned seat for trips outside and down to the shops. Betty’s daughter Denise recently purchased a portable Swivel Cushion and Car Bar for her vehicle, which enables her mother to get in and out of the car much more easily.
After the appointment and lunch, Betty returns home and rests for a while in the living room, putting her feet up on a lightly cushioned Foot tool.  The chair she chose is her second favourite to sit in, as she likes to watch afternoon television for long periods and her chair has extra comfort due to because of its lush Sheep Skin Cover.
Thanks Aunt Betty…  Homecare Equipment Services in Adelaide offers a huge variety of daily living equipment that will enable you, your friend or relative to maintain an independent lifestyle.
Browse the selection online, or call use at (08) 8338 7988 for more information and recommendations.
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