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Recover from Surgery

Undergoing surgery at any time can create a sense of unease. Recovery is the most important part.

Some people recover quickly and others take a bit longer depending on the circumstances.

We can assist with your recovery and rehabilitation from hip/knee replacements, hand, shoulder and elbow surgery, as well as leg/foot and ankle procedures.

Through your personal transition, you will gain comfort and gradually rebuild your strength and confidence.

Get your equipment delivered to your home and set up ready for use.

Whatever the circumstances, Homecare Equipment can provide options to help your recover.

"I felt human again."

"Being able to walk around with the aid of Crutches has been really good. The Shower Chair was great and helped me feel like I was 'human' again. Thank you so much guys."
Jeanette from Wayville
Homecare Equipment Client, September 2017

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Our extensive range of equipment can be viewed by 3 Categories: Equipment Type, Rooms of your Home and Conditions.

"It made a difference to my physical and mental recovery."

"When I broke my ankle the wheelchair and shower chair were terrific. The wheelchair was so light all of my family and friends could take me out. Excellent and quick service with positive staff. It made a difference to my physical and mental recovery. "
Rachel from Hyde Park
Homecare Equipment Client, March 2017
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