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Do something for yourself

Independence is the key to leading a fulfilling life as we get older and whilst maintaining quality of life after accident, illness or injury.

Fortunately, achieving such independence and fulfilment is more attainable thanks to our carefully selected range of highly-effective mobility and rehabilitation aids, designed to enable a more active and independent lifestyle.

Whilst Homecare Equipment is based in Adelaide we can also ship direct to you Australia wide.

Our range of equipment includes:

  • Adaptable assistive equipment to make daily activities like walking, showering, sleeping and going to the toilet much easier.
  • Mobility equipment that enables people to get out and about with confidence and continue enjoying much-loved hobbies, family activities and social outings; and
  • Re-enabling equipment to accelerate recovery from injury and bring about the return to a fully active lifestyle.

"Thanks for the rescue."

"Thanks for the rescue. Without your fabulous service I would have been lost."
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A.L. from Richmond
Homecare Equipment Client, September 2017

Here are 15 things we can help you do:

1. Recover from Surgery

Undergoing surgery at any time can create a sense of unease. Recovery is the most important part. Some people recover quickly and others take a bit longer depending on your personal circumstances and condition. We can assist with your recovery and rehabilitation from hip/knee replacements, hand, shoulder and elbow surgery, as well as leg/foot and ankle procedures. Through your personal transition, you will gain comfort and gradually rebuild your strength and confidence.


2. Get out and about

If you're having trouble moving around or feel that you are getting 'cabin fever' we can help bring back a sense of normality to your life - you will be able to get out of the house or go out for a stroll in the park. Some people use our equipment to travel interstate or overseas.

3. Get in and out of bed

Sometimes getting in and out of bed can be a challenge. We can help you raise the height of your bed to make it easier to get into. There are also various ways to help lever yourself in and out of bed.

Bed Stick Lawson

4. Take a bath or shower

Taking a bath or having a shower can be made much more comfortable with various bathing options including personal sitz baths, seats, benches and seats on wheels. Make it easy to wash yourself. It's amazing how much better you will feel with a comfortable wash.

5. Personal hygiene

Daily living needs like your personal hygiene and grooming can be enhanced by various aids that can help. Some of our clients swear by them and swear near them!

Toe Washer - Foam

6. Sit down/get up again

Life is too short to be uncomfortable. Have you tried a fully adjustable lift recliner chair? There are a variety of options including fold-out footrest, reclining back and adjustable headrest. You can choose from manual adjustment and electric adjustable options.


7. Get dressed and undressed

Did you know that there are gadgets that can help with buttoning up your shirt when you have hard to grasp buttons! We can also help with putting on socks or stockings, as well as putting on your trousers.

get dressed

8. Go to the toilet

One of the most fundamental needs of being human is being able to go to the toilet comfortably. And we don't mean spending hours on the john reading the paper! We have various options to help make this task as comfortable as possible.


9. Eat and drink

Specially weighted and gripable cutlery can assist people who have poor grip, decreased muscle control, tremors, upper limb weakness or those who only have the use of one hand.

10. Attend an Event

You may be going to a family function. Or you may want to attend an event like a wedding, a Church service, the Adelaide Cup, Anzac Day, the Christmas pageant, the Royal Show, the Ballet or an evening with Andre Rieu. Don't miss out, various mobility options can help you, a friend or relative to get you there. Remember to book in advance for busy times of the year.


11. Relax in your chair

If you are struggling to get comfortable in your favourite chair, we offer a number of different solutions. You can sit comfortably in your own chair or choose from one of our special chairs to watch the cricket, read the paper or your favourite novel.

Living Room

12. Meet up with friends

Nobody wants to be lonely and isolated due to lack of mobility. We can help you stay connected to your friends, family and community with a variety of mobility options to help get you from A to B. Remember to book in advance for busy times of the year.

13. Have a good night's sleep

Many of our clients tell us that they need to sleep in a chair because they either can't get into their bed or they feel uncomfortable in it. There are a number of solutions we can offer to help you get back into bed to enjoy a good night's sleep.


14. Work/study

Comfort while working, studying or reading is important. There are several options that can help facilitate this.

Chairs and Tables

15. Get in and out of a car

Getting in and out of a car can be a challenge at times. There's no need to struggle. We have a solution to make this a whole lot more easier and comfortable.

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