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Helping your Loved One adjust to using a Wheelchair

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October 12, 2017
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October 13, 2017
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Is your loved one preparing to use a wheelchair for the first time, or do you know a long-time wheelchair user who needs help increasing his or her mobility? Either way, there are many ways that you allow them to maintain independence while still ensuring their safety. Keep reading to learn more about helping a family member or friend who is wheelchair-dependent:

Range of Use

A wide range of people from every walk of life use wheelchairs on a daily basis. Wheelchairs from Homecare Equipment continually help people of different ages: the youngest client is only 4 years old while the oldest is 104!

Scooters and wheelchairs are useful for long-term use or short-term recovery, such as after a surgery or fall. In general, wheelchairs enable those with chronic illnesses or debilitating injuries to maintain an active lifestyle. You can look at specifications online or test equipment in store, and then hire or purchase a wheelchair for use at home and around town.

Preparing the Home

Before introducing a wheelchair into your Loved One’s home, make sure that it is accessible. Put yourself in your relative’s shoes and try to see the room through their eyes and in a wheelchair. Imagine how frustrating it could be to run into furniture or be unable to roll over a doorstop between rooms.

Move or rearrange the furniture ahead of time, and consult your family member about getting rid of any bulky or unnecessary pieces. As you hunt for the perfect wheelchair, consider measuring its height against the existing computer desk or dining room table.

Increasing Mobility

Once your family member can navigate the home with ease, think about how he/she can more easily transfer to other surfaces or activities. This could include an armchair, bed, toilet, or shower.

Armchairs can be secured to risen platforms, while toilet risers are ideal for avoiding deep bends and awkward maneuvering. Meanwhile, shower stools and chairs offer safety and comfort while bathing, especially with the addition of grab bars. These are removable, making them ideal for places where permanent hardware is not an option. In addition, grab bars can be taken along when traveling. Finally, you can also consider investing in a mobile shower commode, which can be wheeled directly into the shower and secured in place.

Buying or Updating Equipment

Homecare Equipment Services offers a myriad of equipment items. In addition to wheelchairs, walkers, and walking sticks, we offer equipment that can increase mobility in every room of your home. All purchased equipment comes with a 12-month warranty, and can be delivered and set up within 24 hours of ordering. Homecare Equipment Services is the preferred supplier to numerous hospitals and other health professionals in the Adelaide area, thanks to our friendly, reliable service and superior quality equipment.

To get started, call us on (08) 8338 7988 or fill out our simple contact form for a prompt reply.

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