Disability Equipment Hire For Hospitals & Home Hospitals

Disability Equipment Hire

Living with disability can be difficult sometimes, but there are ways to make it easier. The disability equipment for hire from Homecare Equipment Services is one way to make living at home a lot easier and more practical.

There are so many different kinds of disabilities and health problems people may be affected, listing them all on one page would be too much of a task, but you can browse our online catalogue to get more specific information about the wide range of products available from Homecare Equipment Services for disabled equipment hire.


Disability Equipment For Getting Around

When mobility is the primary issue, Homecare Equipment Services has a very large selection of products that can help.

In this category you will find:

  • Crutches
  • Walking sticks
  • Wheel walkers
  • Walking frames
  • Wheelchairs


Disability Equipment For The Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the rooms where you’ll spend a lot of time, so it’s important to make sure it is comfortable and safe. Some of the products we provide that will help you here include:

  • Overway tables – fits over the bed to provide a useful table surface
  • Self-help poles – help you raise and lower yourself
  • Bed rails – help prevent falls
  • Back supports and back rests – help you to sit up
  • Bed cradles – helps to keep bedding from touching sensitive sore areas
  • Alternating air mattresses – help prevent bed sores, pressure sores, and DVT.
  • Bed pads – for assisting with incontinence
  • Bed pans – if getting to the toilet is difficult, bed pans are necessary
  • Commode chairs – a step up from a bed pan
  • Bed sticks – these help you to get out of bed more easily
  • Hospital beds – for the most serious long term conditions
  • Dressing sticks – help you put on clothes when it is difficult to reach with your hand
  • Button hooks – make it easier to do up buttons


Disability Equipment For The Bathroom

This is one of the rooms where accidents are more likely to occur. Bathrooms are filled with potentially slippery surfaces and can be difficult to navigate. Some of the products that can be helpful in the bathroom include:

  • Non-slip mats
  • Shower chairs and stools
  • Bath and shower grab bars
  • Bath boards
  • Bath transfer benches
  • Shower commode chairs
  • Back washers
  • Bottom wipers
  • Toilet seat raisers and “donuts”
  • Toilet surround frames
  • Toe washers


Disability Equipment For The Kitchen

Kitchens are another area where you can benefit from equipment. Our products will certainly help you in the kitchen.

  • Non-slip mats
  • Kitchen stools
  • Jar and bottle openers
  • Pickup sticks
  • Foam handled cutlery
  • Ring-pull can openers
  • Step stools and step ladders


Disability Equipment For The Living Room

To facilitate socialising and relaxing, there are a variety of furniture enhancements available that can make it more comfortable and easy to enjoy your living room.

  • Chair blocks – raise the height of your arm chairs and sofas
  • Lift / Recline chairs – a deluxe way to make arm chair sitting easy
  • Foot stools – allow you to sit with one or both feet raised
  • High back chairs – provide more back support than regular chairs
  • Utility chairs – chairs designed for comfort and stability


Make independent living easier

As you can see, there are many items that can make it easier to continue living more independently at home, so you can avoid moving to assisted care facilities and continue enjoying life on your terms.

Hiring your disability equipment from Homecare Equipment Services is the easiest way to take back some control in your life and feel personally empowered.

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