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3 Ways to Maintain an Active Lifestyle

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October 13, 2017
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We all want to maintain an active lifestyle as we get older. Part of an active lifestyle means being able to get out there to experience one of nature’s treasures, spring time in the gardens.

We have discovered that there are 3 important factors that can help us maintain an active lifestyle as we grow older. That’s in addition to eating well and looking after ourselves.

These are:
• being independent,
• being active, and
• being social.

Each one builds on the next and for many of us, we tend to take these things for granted.

1. Being independent

Retaining one’s independence and maintaining one’s lifestyle is very important to the individual. Sometimes family members will want to do everything for us and this is not necessarily a good thing.

Not being dependent on others allows us to fend for ourselves, rather than to rely on others. As an equipment service provider we can help facilitate getting around the place, making social connections, recovering from surgery, and assisting with activities like going to the toilet, taking a shower, sitting comfortably in a chair or having a good night’s sleep.

Just today we heard from a client who was so pleased to receive a 4-wheel walker. Due to his declining mobility, it meant the difference between sitting at home alone or getting out and about with confidence and support.

Some home tasks can be physically demanding like standing at the cutting board chopping up vegies. Using an adjustable kitchen stool helps to provide comfort doing this daily chore and makes it a lot more enjoyable.

2. Being active

Helping our clients participate in activities with use of our equipment makes their lives so much more enjoyable and fulfilling. It helps to improve their overall health by being active enabling them to stay healthier and live independently.

We encourage our clients to keep active as mobility is the key to staying healthy. Encouragement and empowerment go a long way to boosting the confidence of seniors and lending a hand when it is needed rather than doing it all for them.
We all need to find something that works for us.
Physical activities, like walking, gardening, jogging and swimming can help overcome senior challenges by increasing the intake of oxygen, building strength, and maintaining balance. And exercise makes us feel good.
Dancing in whatever form, be it ball room or disco can help to reduce high blood pressure, strengthen bones and lower the risk of heart disease also by increasing oxygen intake. Dancing also provides a social outlet that can stimulate the mind and reduce the effects of dementia.
Activities such as gardening and house keeping inspire pride in ourselves and quality of life.

3. Being social

In our general society here in Australia, seniors generally retire and downsize often moving into communities of like minded people, often separated by distance or choice from their families. Being part of a group is what’s important. Not feeling isolated or lonely.
Meeting up with family and friends, as well as going to parties or events, makes us feel less isolated and can promote good memory retention. The effects of being social are just as beneficial as physical activity in terms of self-esteem, which is important for those who are unable to exercise.
We recognise that seeking social connection is very important. In our day to day work we find many people living on their own, sometimes isolated from family and friends who relish an opportunity to chat with our equipment representatives. We are only too pleased to pause, stop for a chat and have a cup of tea with some of our clients.

Doing crossword puzzles or other brain games keeps our minds active and facilitates a healthy mental and a positive emotional outlook.
Emotional well-being can be enhanced by various factors, like the feeling of being connected to family and friends, getting involved in the community or taking on a hobby. Emotional stability helps us feel happy and optimistic, which can keep depression at bay.
Roaming amongst the flowers or getting involved in a community garden are not just fun, they also provide a sense of accomplishment when you step back to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

For many of these activities Homecare can provide assistive equipment to help make it happen.

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