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Homecare Equipment assists Workcover SA to help South Australians return to work after injury
Homecare Equipment helps Allianz Insurance and Transport Accident Commission clients recover from accidents
Homecare Equipment helps patients from Adelaide’s leading hospitals recover from surgery AchaHealth Burnside Hospital Calvary Hospital Glenelg Community Hospital Griffith Rehabilitation Hospital Royal Adelaide Hospital Lyell McEwin Hospital The Memorial Hospital St Andrews Hospital Womens and Childrens Hospital Queen Elizabeth Hospital Wakefield Sports Clinic Flinders Medical Centre
Homecare Equipment provides equipment services to leading healthcare providers Helping Hand Aged Care The Physio Clinic Enhance Occupational Therapy

Sticks, Crutches & Walking Frames

4-wheel Walkers - with Hand-brakes

One of the greatest mobility inventions, 4-wheel walkers come in a variety of sizes and weight capacities.  All feature a seat, basket and handbrakes and give you confidence with additional support and stability.  Choose from Standard (left) Short (right), Tall and Bariatric models. Road test one today.

Max. height (ground to handlebar) 94cm | product weight = 6.7kg

4-wheel Walkers - with Push-down brakes

A 4-wheel walker with Push-down brakes make it easier for people with arthritis and/or less dexterity and strength in their hands to brake comfortably by pushing down on the handle bars.  In addition when you sit on the seat, the brakes are automatically engaged by downward pressure preventing you from moving or slipping.

Elbow Crutches

Elbow or Forearm crutches offer support for foot or knee injuries.  Select from Short, Adult and Tall sizes.  All are fully adjustable.

Folding Walking Sticks

Foldable walking sticks can fit into a hand bag for compact storage when not in use.  They are just as stable as a normal stick as the three joints lock into place securely when extended.

Gutter Crutches

Fully adjustable forearm supported crutches.

Gutter Walking Frames

Folding forearm supports with adjustable arm rest provides comfort and mobility.


newThe Steerable Knee Walker offers an alternative to crutches. It can keep you active when lower limb conditions prevent weight bearing. It provides mobility to people with sprained ankles, ankle, foot or heel fractures, broken bones, lower limb surgery, ruptured achilles tendons, bunions, gout, lower limb amputations and diabetics. Now available for hire and purchase.

Quad Stick - Adjustable

A 4-pronged base offers extra stability to the standard walking stick.  Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.

Rollator Walking frames

Practice walking upright again after surgery or use a Rollator to provide additional support and stability for short distances around the home.  Choose from Lift & Carry (no wheels), 4-wheels, 2-wheels and nylon glides, 2-wheels and skis for extra drag to slow you down if you go too fast.  All are fully height adjustable.


A Tray-mobile is essentially a fixed walking frame with two trays enabling you to carry things safely from room to room.  For example, you might want to take your lunch from the kitchen to the living room.  Choose from 4-wheels, 2-wheels with rear ski-glides or 4-wheels with hand-brakes.

Tray-mobiles with hand brakes

Carry things from room to room with added saftey.  Feel in control with hand-brakes.

Underarm Crutches (aka Auxiliary Crutches)

Select from Short, Adult and Tall sizes.

Walking Sticks

Select from a variety of styles including Swan neck, Arthretic, Crook, Straight neck and T-handle (from left to right).  All fully adjustable to suit your height and preference.  Arthretic style is availabe in left and right handed models.

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